De Avantgarde Coach

Coach, sparring partner & De Makelaar in Liefde

Excellent connector

Because of the combination of a great understanding and love for people, insight in their individual needs and my unique approach, desired connections can be realised.

Unconventional working method

In a unconventional way we succeed in reaching the objective efficiently and successfully. Even when this means that a deviation from the usual route has to be made, displacing a critical and flexible attitude.

My quality standard

I implement my own high standards of quality, communication and integrity. This guarantees the success and the sustainability of relationships.

About Monique Goebel

In my opinion love is always a theme for everybody. I can make this love understandable and with that your well-being will be improved and your performance, your success, will be enlarged.

For me personally I cherish love for all kinds of dancing and ballet, meeting ‘new’ people, gardening and play the piano.

Because of my character, experience, wisdom of life, life vision and personal characteristics I am able to help people with their ambitions and pitfalls in an efficient way. I am demanding and ambitious for myself and my clientele. My method is tailormade and often unorthodox, targeted to achieve success.

What do I offer

The combination of being a sincere people person, having a commercial nature, a great understanding for people and my passion for love itself, create a sort of trilogy in which a complete range of services is offered. 

As a coach I am able to fathom people and to uncover their needs and wishes. In a empathetic way and by choosing the right prioritization I can guide you to bring your life to the next level. Having done that you will experience even more satisfaction when being self reflective.

As a sparring partner I am a good listener, I can switch rapidly and I am able to empathize quickly in any business. Together with you bottlenecks and its causes can be determined. I am empowered in signalling chances and challenges.

As De Makelaar in Liefde (broker and mediator in love matters) I have a proven track record in private matchmaking. I can help you in your search for a loving partner, for a sustainable  relationship. A lack of complementarity and a mismatch can easily be determined.

“With just one life in perspective, your life, it is possible to have a desired transformation in both business as private sphere.” I would love to assist you.”
Monique Goebel

Coach, sparring partner & De Makelaar in Liefde

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